Solitary Set (Part II)

Solitary Set are back on the show to talk about their new record, The Series Parallel, and their new lineup. Lots of good insight into moving a project forward with new staff and also a little fun guitar head chat!

In personal/show news, I really hope everyone is keeping themselves safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. In light of the quarantine and potential health risks, I’ve made the difficult decision to put the show back on hiatus. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I can keep presenting you with great music and great bands. So much love to all of you. Keep your heads up, and wash your hands.

The Selkies

What is a Selkie? What is this stain? Why is this song so good? FIND OUT THE ANSWERS TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE. This episode’s guest is The Selkies, who have just released their first single, “What is This Stain?” We talk about the recording process, working with a producers, and mixing it up on the instruments! Good times!



Washington Social Club

Washington Social Club are back, baby! The energetic, pop-rock hook monsters announced last year that they would be returning to the DC scene after nearly a decade. We talk about walking away from it all, growing up, and coming back to the stage for the love of the music. We also dig into their newest release “They’re Talking to Me Strange,” produced by friend of the show Matt Leffler-Schulman. Keep an eye for a new single on the way soon!


Photo credit: Billy Sabatini Photography


79. Thee Lexington Arrows live from the Baltimore Podcast Festival

Thee Lexington Arrows joined the podcast LIVE from the 2019 Baltimore Podcast Festival! This was so much fun as we went deep into their song, Last Beat, their long history and more. Even better, we were all blessed with a stripped-down live performance that I know you’ll enjoy.


78. Triple Bunk Bed

Triple Bunk Bed come over to rest for a spell and talk about their new record “Handbook For The Recently Depressed,” the track “It Feels Good (Whatever),” and feelings, which are very important. There’s some really insightful talk about expressing Small Loud queerness in a band (you’ll see what that means). And HAVING FUN!





77. Eat the Cake

Eat the Cake blends delicious flows iced with sweet harmonies and rich grooves, guaranteed to satisfy your diverse musical palate and get you sugar buzzing. On this episode, we talk about how the project evolved out of a solo hip hop project, we cover being an anti-all-girl band, and, of course, dick bags.

Be sure to check out the band’s YouTube channel for more behind the scenes fun.


76. The Chesapeakes

The Chesapeakes are a lush, big-sounding pop/rock band with hooks to fill a bay basin. As a side-project for the duo behind the video company Ten Twenty Seven Films, they might be under your radar, but they are sure to get you grooving and dreaming.

We cover bands being torn about by love triangles, how video and music go hand in hand, and about how going to YouTube University to get some really impressive recording chops fueled the single “La Bruja”.

The Chesapeakes EPK

68. Sullen Brothr

Sullen Brothr talk about their new dreamy, riffy, groovy record 1967! There’s fun stuff about what its like being a band with no singer and the magic of synths, but there’s also some emotional talk about how the record ended up as something of a tribute to Tim’s father. Quality conversation about quality tunes.



Vorrh is an ambient doom band, heavy on the ambiance. The duo come on to talk about making dark grooves, finding your music writing match, and recording their album “Nomads of the Infinite Wild.” Tune in and learn about how they were influenced by a really cool sounding trio of novels about a spooky, endless forest, and then wander into the mists.


Dennis Barth

Dennis Barth of Stone Dust Riders comes on the podcast to talk about his new film celebrating the Catonsville music scene, “Catonsville: Music City Maryland” premiering next week, as of this episodes release. Visit for details. This was a great conversation about the friendships and art that make a scene special, never giving up on music, and more.


62. Leisure Sport

Leisure Sport come on the ‘cast for a lively talk about being one of the Baltimore music scene’s fresh faces, the challenges of defining oneself by genre, and the joys of Craigslist. Did you know they built the studio where they recorded their crisp-and-clean sounding demo? Yeah, that’s DIY.

They have a show TONIGHT (2/23/19) at the Undercroft. Stop on in and also catch friends of the show Manners Manners and Gloop.

leisure sport

57. Heavy Wire

The indeed heavy Heavy Wire sit down for a great conversation about their most recent EP Future Toys, recording in a laundry room, and sex bots.

This is a good one for musicians, but you don’t have to be one to appreciate their thoughts on writing efficiency, tunings, and beefy guitars.

Catch them 1/3/19 at the Crown and 1/19/19 at Chapala Blue Beetle Rock Bar.


56. Manners Manners

The wait is over! Manners Manners  has released their debut EP and it is so good! Be the “first in line” to pick it up. (Sorry.) And don’t miss the record release party 12/7/18 at Metro Gallery.

Tune in to this talk about the making of the record, including how Haley got inspired by all the studio magic to write background vocal lines and the story of that time Jes was working on some tracks at home when got stuck in a room and they had to stab the door to free him to get to the studio.


Photo by Jenny Revilla



55. Phantom Scimitar

Phantom Scimitar take us to the stars with their riff-heavy blend of prog-blues rock-metal where we’ll look back and think about time, ancient civilizations, and our place in the universe. We’re all stardust.

Their upcoming first album Tides of the First Dawn will be out next year. Check it out!

52. Anna Connolly

Singer-songwriter-punkrocker Anna Connolly comes up from DC for a chat about her new album,  After Thoughts! We also cover lots of good stuff about the DC hardcore scene, rocking while parenting, and writing songs about shitty things guys say to you.

Don’t miss her record release at the Dew Drop Inn this Friday (10/12/18) or her show in Baltimore at the Undercroft with friends of the show Manners Manners and Holy Fingers (10/20/18).


Photo credit: Claire Packer


Thanks for sticking with Corridor Cast through the hiatus! You’ll be glad you did because this episode with PLRLS is so special. Hear 🚨AN EXCLUSIVE🚨 track from their forthcoming record before you can hear it ANYWHERE else!

Also, did you know the band holds a world record? Find out what for!

Be sure to catch them Oct. 3 at Metro Gallery. Also, Nov. 17 come support JAM Session – A Benefit For Lung Cancer Patients where PLRLS will join my band Santa Librada and a host of other great acts at the Sidebar for a good cause.


50. Prime Cuts

50 Episodes!!?? 🔥🔥🔥 🤘🤘🤘 Thanks to all the bands that got us here!

In this special episode, we recap exclusive acoustic performances from our guests Jack Pinder of Manners Manners, Wishing Rock, and Jumpcuts. I’d really like to do more of these types of recordings as I get back to putting out regular episodes.
Send me links to your favorite Baltimore and DC bands! Thanks for the suggestions that have come in. I’ll check them out soon. corridorcast at

47. Height Keech

Hip hop stalwart Height Keech (aka Dan Keech) comes on the show to talk about his new record Computer Rocker, which beautifully blends sounds from rock and roll across the decades with fresh, home-cooked beats.

We get to chatting about putting music out on your own label and how making beats on your laptop might be the new rock and roll.





44. Surf Harp

Surf Harp don’t play harps or surf rock but they do sound fresh and awesome.

We talk about car trouble on tour and the marriage of the cerebral and the emotional as we discuss their new album, Mr. Big Picture. Be sure to check out their brand new video from the title track over on Open Ears Music!

The track you hear at the top of the show is the Mr. Big Picture.


43. Stars and the Sea

Sorry for that unexpected break. We’re back with a good one!

Stars and the Sea come on to talk about their 13(!) releases. The latest is Goth Punk, which is neither goth nor punk, but it is great. The band has some great practical advice about why you don’t have to wait for an album-length release and why you might want to try turning your amp toward the wall.

Be sure to catch them at one of their April shows!

DSC_4984_2 fin.jpg

Photo by Shane Gardner

41. Mind on Fire

Contemporary chamber music family Mind on Fire brings some much needed class to the podcast. Kidding, in fact, we talk about how they try to take the stuffiness out of the “classical” genre and keep things current, fresh and relatable.

We talk about how they select pieces, the mission of the collective and future hopes for starting a contemporary music festival.



39. June Star

With about a dozen albums under his belt, Andrew Grimm of June Star speaks from wisdom. We get real about “making it” and about taking things into your own hands when it’s not happening like you’d like i.e. a Facebook Live tour.

June Star’s latest will be out in April. I got a sneak peak and its great!

Also check out his podcast Why Aren’t You Famous.


31. Mold Omen

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Andy Livingston of the noise outfit Mold Omen talks about Some Like it Fraught, his insane recording schedule, unusual solo album release strategy and the importance of trust in your bandmates.

It’s about making weird music for weird people!

NOTE: I mistakenly say that they’ll play MT6 fest Nov. 18 at the Windup Space, but they won’t be there this year. SO SORRY. (Future guests Hometown Girl WILL be there to destroy your face with loud guitar.)


Photo by Gary Fry

30. Serge Goon (The Goons/Nervous Impulse)

Serge “Goon” (The Goons/Nervous Impulse) takes us through a little bit of DC punk history, including running a “flop house” (his words, not mine) for bands coming through.

I saw the reunited Goons playing a show with the legendary Dead Boys and it was the first time I’d seen a pit in ages! Keep the scene alive!

Stay tuned for tour stories and more.


Photo by: Eldon Baldwin

29. Solitary Set

Solitary Set hangs out to hash out their new album Low and Outside which was a year in the making.

We contemplate how one releases an album in this Year of our Lord 2017 and how being in a band changes as you age. Jason shares a great story about tricking his classmates into thinking he was in the Beach Boys.

If you like what you hear, catch the fellas at MT6 fest at Windup on November 18, 2017.


28. Jumpcuts

It’s fun times with Andy Shankman aka Jumpcuts! Stay tuned for EXCLUSIVE!!! acoustic versions of tracks from his excellent offering, “Fiber Optic Bondage.” Thanks for doing that, Andy.

We cover his transition from band to a solo act, supporting a tour and meeting the Pixies. He tells an amazing story about playing a show the day his wife gave birth (don’t worry, friends, he made it back in time.)

We also learn that the rose ice cream from my local Halal market kinda tastes like soap.


27. Baynard Woods

This episode is a slight change of pace because Baynard Woods of The Barnyard Sharks drops some serious reporting knowledge in addition to telling us about the band.

Learn how his reporting informs his songs, including “The Guns of Baltimore,” which traces the flow of drugs and guns in Baltimore City and the county.

We also talk about the promising nonprofit BINJ, an org that hopes to soon fund reporting projects including a drug beat, a gun beat, and pieces by friend of the show Eze Jackson. Fund raiser site here.

In the spirit of the Sharks — who play it fast and loose in genres, band members and emotional content — we’ll cover a lot of different ground in this one. BUCKLE UP!


26. Quattracenta

This is a fun one! A love fest with Quattracenta and a joy to be a part of.

I fan girl out about the record, the bass tone, how the guitars work together and drum sounds. The band says such nice things to Andrea about her drumming that they almost cry.

Sarah reminds us of the healing power of music. Bonus: learn about Joan’s practice space renovations and Christian’s Eagles cover band!



25. Woodfir

Woodfir stop in!

The noisy indie rockers (post-punkers might be better? Writing about music is hard …) talk about how they get their distinct sound. There’s no bass, but it feels like there’s a bass! Witchcraft.

There are several big ideas in the podcast, so if you can draw a moose, get in touch.

Come out to their Oct. 13 show at Windup Space!


24. Mat Leffler-Schulman (Mobtown Studios)


Mat Leffler-Schulman from Mobtown Studios will be packing up the fam and heading to Spain for a year!

While the physical Charles St. location will soon be bereft of life, an ex-studio, Mat will keep doing audio work and plans to freelance in other studios when he comes back.

What are his favorite Mobtown memories? What does the future hold? Take a listen and find out.


23. The Ward

Sabbath and Lungfish influenced groovers Keeve and John from The Ward let me crash their practice space!

We talked a lot about what it means to be in a band when you’re no longer a teenager and have kids and a real job. Keeve shares a lovely story of seeing his son play at Ottobar and showing the youngster a poster of Keeve’s old band hanging in the club.

John talks about what it was like playing in a band for the first time at 48, and how it quickly became an important outlet.


22. Lushfarm

Ten years is a long time and an eternity for a band.

Lushfarm stand the test of time and are gearing up to celebrate that milestone with an anniversary show and record release Sept. 16 at the Crown.

We discuss that new album Thoughts and Prayers, the band’s humble roots at Don Pablo’s and Binney’s run-ins with the likes of Jimmi Haha and the Good Charlotte guys.

BONUS CONTENT!!! Pat Benatar answers the question I pose to all guests: What advice would you give a younger artist or yourself when you were younger? Check out the Frederick News-Post’s 72 Hours for more on that interview.


21. Eze Jackson

Take one part jazz, one part hip-hop, pour over ice-cold flow, shake until you sweat and you have Soul Cannon.

Eze Jackson, the group’s emcee, talks about putting his solo act on hold in order to play with the band, being raised to be an activist and his work reporting with the Real News Network.

We get a little heavy, talking about facing racism while touring Boston and Eze’s journey out of homophobia to become a leader of the marriage equality movement in Maryland. But we also talk staying positive, no matter what.

17492429_10155067574473632_7448355331699123723_o (1)


19. Holy Fingers

Holy Fingers: Mysterious. Visual. Beautiful like a venomous butterfly. (Those exist right?)

The dark groove rockers join Corridor Cast to talk about their upcoming record, going from an instrumental to a vocal band and how Dave can read Josh’s mind.

Keep an eye out for the new album by following them on Facebook or, most importantly, saying hi to them at shows!


18. Joseph & the Beasts

Joseph Mulhollen of Joseph & the Beasts talks about their new, bombastic album Gold Light. We get a little heavy, discussing making music in an increasingly hostile culture, but then we throw some glitter on it. Always throw some glitter on it.

Check out the band’s new video for Tremors, catch them at the 9:30 Club on July 28, 2017 and get the record.


17. Wishing Rock

Do you like dreamy indie rock sounds? Of course you do!

Members of Wishing Rock, Jeff Brunell and Lizzy Greif (also of 20ooo) hang out and hash out managing multiple projects, the magic of musical friendships and more.

Check out their new EP Keep it Wrong and stay tuned until the end of the episode for a very special acoustic performance of “Piscataway.”